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Bed & Breadfast @ the See's

Was joking with friends the other day that John and I run a FOC Bed & Breadfast here at the See’s @ London. We have hosted and are going to host friends and family who came from afar to visit London. We are really glad to be part of their experience here in London! :)

This is typically what you will get…
> a bed to lay your head
> breakfast in the morning (menu varies =p)
> home cooked dinner (if you don’t mind simple one dish type of dinner)
> Maps and brochure of some of the tourist attractions
> Free wifi
> Free laundry service

John and I have always wanted to improve our hospitality skills…looks like now is a good opportunity. How nice it is to emulate the early church community in Acts. They were a group of hospitable people, they fellowshipped….shared what they have with others…and Acts 4:34 mentioned that there were no needy people among them.

We thank God for wonderful kindness and hospitality shown to us in our lives wherever we go, we have been truly blessed. Now it’s time to be that channel of blessing!! :):)

If you need a place to stay during your holiday visit to London, let us know…...you are more than welcomed to crash into our place if we are not already fully occupied. ***The summer months are pretty popular!! :)

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UK - the tea drinking nation

Tea drinking is one of the many things influenced by my other half. To kick start my day, I have to have a cup of steaming tea with milk (no sugar though). Just like many of us who needs a cup of coffee, for me a cup of tea will do the trick.

Good news….I am in the right place! According to wikipedia, UK is the 3rd country that consumes the most amount of tea per capita. I think tea is their national drink…just like how wine is to France / Italy and how beer is to Germany.

This is our favourite so far…..good ol’ traditional English tea.

There are many many different variations…...

My brother-in-law’s favourite is Yorkshire Tea. John found this tea in Tesco…and the price is much lower as compared to shops in Melbourne. We will start planning how to mass transport this back home! =p

Maybe I should organize an English Tea Party someday!! =)

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A day at the museum

John and I are still busy doing touristy stuff during the weekends! We spent last Saturday in London’s Natural History Museum. Like most of the museum, the entrance is free!! We totally enjoyed ourselves there….impressed by the completeness of their collection of dinosaurs fossils, stuffed animals, minerals and precious stones, the natural resources and basically the whole of creation.

The highlight of this museum is the dinosaur section…they have a lot of complete sets of dinosaur fossils…the only museum that can match up is perhaps America’s Museum of National History.

This is a life size moving T-Rex (limited movements actually)...powered by motors …to try to give us the closest glimpse of the fiercest predator that roamed the earth.

Simply amazing…

Biology revisited….on dominant and recessive gene. Apparently having a curved thumb is a recessive gene! Looks like I not only have the recessive short gene….but this as well =p

Are humans distantly related to ape and prehistoric man…like the Neanderthal that roamed Europe or the Homo Erectus that inhabited prehistoric China?
By the way speaking of Homo erectus, this was featured in Friends episod 9.24 where Joey couldn’t stop laughing at the mention of this word…ahhahahaha

This brings me to the highlight of my post…..
As much as we enjoyed the Natural History Museum, John and I are appalled by the way in which the Evolution theory was so confidently presented.
May I take a moment to remind everyone…especially the museum curator that Evolution is just but a THEORY. Until proven that it is as certain as Newton’s Law of gravity, I hope they don’t be so certain yet that modern humans are products of natural selection and evolution.

I think the scientists have done a fantastic job in categorizing living things…..the species, the genus, the family and etc. I can say that yes….we human beings are accurately classified as homo sapiens, and undeniably we have much in common with monkeys, apes and even this homo erectus. But to say that human beings evolved from something as simple as a cell is, in my humble opinion, too outrageous!

Evolutionist believes that evolution happens by chance…..that living things evolve and adapt to the environment…with the selfish trait of natural selection, the strongest, the fittest survive. Basically it’s survival of the fittest in the animal kingdom!

How can a simple cell evolved to become complex animals, each with their own distinct appearance and traits? This is just naive thinking…..it’s just as bizzare as thinking that a jet plane can be formed when a random tornado swept through a pile of metals.

A famous analogy used by William Paley in 1802 known as the watchmaker argument basically states that an intricate and precise instrument like a watch….proves that there is a watchmaker. Just look as us, we are made up of cells, muscles, blood, bones, organs, genes, nerves and more….each intricately pieced together, just like a watch.Scientist and surgeons have spent all their life studying the human body and there are yet more to be discovered.

Looking at this, I sincerely believe that I am intentionally created…and not evolved by chance. In the bible it says that man are made in the image of God. That’s why we are different from all the other living things on Earth. That’s why we have the ability portray the concept of love, justice, fairness, kindness and joy.

I personally choose to believe that I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God. I am made by a supreme being that knows me even before I was formed in my mother’s womb…a supreme being who knows the number of hairs on my head.

So we spent the whole of last Saturday, marveling at God’s creation…..His wonderful work of art. Perhaps the museums should present ALL theories regarding the origins of man…..which include evolution THEORY and ALSO creation theory. So that we can all judge for ourselves which is the truth.

Here’s a video on Fibonacci Sequence : Numbers of Life, Matrix of Universe. Watch it and you’ll start to see how amazing the Architect / Designer is ;)

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Jogging is back on schedule

Yes, the weather is turning warmer…jogging is back on schedule!! The temperature, the humidity and the scenery is just perfect for a quick jog around the city! :)

One day after work last week, the condition was simply too good not to go outdoors for an exercise.
It was around 17 degrees and humidity was 40+%. It’s so much easier to breathe as compared to the 89% of humidity back home in Malaysia.

I jogged from Lambeth bridge all the way to Millenium bridge and back.
In between, I jogged past Westminster bridge, Hungerford foot bridge, Waterloo bridge and Blackfriar bridge. It was quite a satisfying run.

There are the bridges I saw:
(1) Lambeth bridge

(2) Westminster bridge

(3) Foot bridge that connects South Bank Centre to Charing Cross.
From Charing Cross, China town is just within walking distance.

(4) Waterloo Bridge

(5) Blackfriar Bridge

(6)Millenium Bridge

By the time I reach Millenium Brigde, it was already sunset (around 8pm) and i managed to capture this beautiful shades of a setting sun.

Next time I’ll attempt a more adventurous feat….jogging all the way to Tower Bridge!! :)

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'No rebooting needed!'

When a new software is installed, you need to reboot. When a new patch is pushed to your computer, you need to reboot. When a new virus definition has been updated, you need to reboot. When you need to sync your data, files or emails with the central server, you need to reboot.

When you move a new place, you need to readjust. When you’ve not seen your friends for a long time, you need to reconnect. When you’ve not exercise for a long time, you need to retrain.

One thing I find ever green, ‘no rebooting needed’ is the communication with Him. No matter where you are, wheter it’s in the far east, or the north, or in a different continent or in a far far away land, He is still the same. He transcends culture, language, geographical boundaries, political ideologies, social status and all…..to reach down to us.

The church building can be different, the congregation can be totally different, the musical instruments can be of totally combination, the worship songs can be in a different key, the accent of the pastor can be different…...but He is the same. No rebooting needed, no reconnection needed, no status update needed!

It’s amazing :)

For the past two Sundays I’ve been attending All Soul’s church at Langham’s place (near Oxford Circus).

This is how All Souls looks like.

I hope I get to meet John Stott in person. He’s the Rector Emeritus of All Souls.

Years back, a few of the cell members came together and did a bible study on the book of Galatians. Before each bible study session, we had to study the verses, listen to a series of sermons on Galatians and read up additional resources.
Through the audio sermons, John Stott helped us have a better understanding of the book, I couldn’t forget his profoud expository preaching . Whenever we listened to the audio sermons, we were quite tickled by his British accent and the no-nonsense type of voice. If I see him in person, I hope to get his autograph and to thank him personally how much his preaching has helped us.

As Easter draws near, let us remember what He(God) has done for us. Here’s an amazing song I heard in church today…....the chorus goes like this:

Living, He loved me
Dying, He saved me
Buried, He carried my sins far away
Rising, He justified freely forever
One day He’s coming
Oh glorious day, oh glorious day

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I feel quite at home!

This is a further elaboration of my facebook status posted the other day! I am feeling quite at home here in London….simply because I can understand the local language, watch their tv programmes, listen to local radio channels, drive a right-hand drive car, understand signboards, play badminton with the locals !! :):)

It might not appear to be a big deal…coz i will get the same experience if I am in Australia or NZ. Can’t object to that. I hope you’ll understand my excitement after you read my encounters below….

I was in northern Italy and Vienna for quite awhile. Their first language is Italian and German. I was utterly lost when I first arrived…..almost everything was in Italian or German. I couldn’t understand what people were saying, I can’t read the papers, I feel shy even to ask questions. When I turn on the TV, all shows are in the local language.

I remember once I switched on the TV and to my surprise they were showing Kungfu hustle….in German!!

Buying groceries can be difficult …...most times intelligent guessing is needed. Example buying vegetable, I had to figure out what is Ruccolasalat, Stangensellerie, Kohl, Weisskraut, Vogerlsalat, Kohlrabi, Eissalat and etc.

Not just that, the same technique is needed when I am in the library.

Don’t get me wrong….I love Italian and German, i would definitely have picked them up if i were given more time. I am just saying that it can be too overwhelming for a new resident like me.

So I’m loving it here…....it feels almost like home, except that life won’t be the same without my family, cellies and close friends around. Missing home….

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Blogging continues......

If you have noticed, I’ve stopped blogging for awhile now. When I opened my blog…...it says my last post was 353 days ago!!! I’m not surprised, I know I’ve not been blogging. Tulips is slightly more active in the blogging world than I am, but can see he’s equally sluggish =p
I suppose Facebook have taken over blogging!!

Once again….blogging continues. It’s not so much to attract readership, but it’s a way for me to ‘broadcast’ my latest updates to my family and friends. And not to mention, it serves as my own online journal, a place where I can log down my own ups and downs, highlights and ‘low’ points, my reflections, my observations and other what nots. =)

I am reviving back some of my old features on this blog….first up is the weather sticker =). I’m back in the mode of checking daily weather forecast (this is not something common back home in Malaysia, the land of perpectual sunshine).

Looking forward to a year of active blogging (hopefully)......stay tuned :)

Should I change the look and the colour scheme? Throw in some fancy flash maybe? hhmmm…...

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Murphy's Law

I know, I know, I am an idealist. This was the comment given by my ex-colleague many years ago when I was a fresh grad. I have to agree with him, I expect things to turn out according to plan and things to happened as anticipated. I get totally upset if they didn’t. A few years of working has decrease of level of idealism. I’ve learn to prepare for the worst, think of escape routes, come up with mitigation steps and other what-nots.

I guess the biggest learning for me is to DEAL with the challenges as they come along. Project management is all about that. In the real world, what may potentially go wrong WILL most likely go wrong. That’s murphy’s law!

Life is not perfect. What may potentially go wrong WILL most likely go wrong. Yes, this is true in every aspects of life…..but good thing is I am a stronger person now. I have confidence that I can handle all things, with the help from above, with the support and love from family and friends.



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