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Dover Cliffs

The White Cliffs of Dover.

Facing Continental Europe at the narrowest point of the English Channel, these cliffs were a symbolic point of guard against invasions and threats from across in the days of old.

There appears to be interesting black flint residues on the foot of the cliff.


Clean 2.0

In solidarity,

with our fellow Malaysians back home. While we didn’t get our dose of teargas and chemically-laced water, we managed a somewhat carnival-like atmosphere, with balloons, bananas and all things yellow. A fine example itself, of how democracy should work.

Malaysia really must clean up its act, before it’s too late.



Um, is anyone watching us after the Nadal-Djokovic match?

Todd Woodbridge and Jonas Björkman warming up before their Gentleman’s Invitation Doubles game in Court 18.

Woodbridge, previously with partner Mark Woodforde as the ‘Woodies’, were arguably one of the most distinguished Men’s Doubles pairing ever. Björkman is a former World Number 4 in the ATP, and also a successful Doubles player.

For the unfamiliar, SW19 is famously known as the postcode in London for the Wimbledon area, a common short form for the Wimbledon Championships.


More old stuff

30 APR 2011, ISO 800, 1/125s, f 4.5

Aged books from Portabello Road Market

Stumbled upon a particular Robinson Crusoe, circa 1880. The Portabello Road Market spans nearly a kilometre, and an excellent place to find antiques, collectibles, trinkets and even second-hand clothes.

You might be disappointed to know that the famous blue door not far away from the market in the Notting Hill film (and Notting Hill happens to be not very far off as well), has been auctioned off for charity…


Sunny Day in Oxford

21 MAY 2011, ISO 800, 1/1250s, f 3.8

Mei Sin parking her bicycle?

Taken next to the Radcliffe Camera, Oxford. University Church of St. Mary’s where John Wesley once preached, is in the background.

There are more stuff that I never got to post earlier. This has to catch up with all the travelling!


The Bodleian Library, Oxford

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Tomato give-away

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Lunchtime Hangout

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Ok, what now?

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